Embracing and Equipping Every Ethnicity in Character and Power through Excellence in Ministry


Dr. Reginald and Barbara McGee

Dr. McGee is a teacher by trade as well as at heart. He brings to life the Word of God and teaches how it can be applied to every aspect of our lives. Using scripture from the Bible, Dr. McGee desires to teach others how to develop a deep relationship with God. Once a believer learns who God is and who he or she is in God, religion subsides and is replaced by a relationship with our Abba Father.

Way To Life Christian Centre was founded by Reginald and Barbara McGee and chartered by the State of Illinois as a Non-profit Corporation on September 1, 1992.

Tape sets are available for purchase.
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Now listen to Pastor McGee's teaching when it is convenient for you with these tape sets designed to target areas of growth in your commitment to Christ.

Learning to Know and Flow with the Holy Spirit is a six-tape set that will change your life. You will learn to differentiate the Holy Spirit's voice from your own and others around you. You will understand the Holy Spirit and how to partner with Him in your every day life. This is a powerful teaching for both new believers and seasoned saints. Be ready to prosper from this teaching.

The Fruits of Knowing and Flowing with the Holy Spirit--Joy & Love, a six-tape set that will enlighten you to grow in your understanding of the Holy Spirit. You'll also learn to apply Biblical teachings to your life today. And learn how to embrace the joy and love God meant for you, especially when circumstances don't look the best.

Fruits of Knowing and Flowing with the Holy Spirit--Faith, Peace, Greatness, Gentleness & Longsuffering, a six-tape set will help you understand the Holy Spirit and how to partner with Him in your every day life. Learn about these five Fruits of the Spirit to make your walk with God more powerful.

Prophet/Prophetess, is a three-tape set that will help you understand the office of prophet in God's order. Learn to understand the prophet, recognize a prophet and perhaps even discover you have been called to be a prophet.

Commitment of True Believers in Christ is an avenue to a deeper relationship with God. This nine-tape set is packed with powerful nuggets you can apply to your life, enriching your walk with God and affecting those around you to His glory. These lessons will challenge you every time you listen to them. The set includes: The Holy Spirit's Presence; Anointed from Birth; How NOT to Fall into Sin; Trust God or Man?; What Hinders You?; False Relationship; Instruction on How to Keep Peace the Way Jesus Would Want; Heart of a Follower Leads to Leading; Follow God's Instructions.

Exceeding Abundantly Above teaches us that not only can God provide abundantly for us, but He also can exceed that abundance far beyond our expectancy when we follow His plan. Learn how to receive God's abundance with this eight-tape set.

The Power of Tithes and Offerings teaches the Biblical truth about who you give your money to when you tithe. Your thinking will change when you are challenged to think--have you robbed God? Have you robbed yourself by not tithing. God asks for only 10% of your wages. Give 10% to Him first, then watch what He can do with the remaining 90%! This is a ten-tape set that can change your life forever.

Nothing Less Than Full Power reviews the lives of several strong men in the Old Testament and how we can apply their life lessons today. In just nine taped lessons you will learn where your strength lies and how to tap into it every day.

Choose one, several or all tape sets--you will truly be blessed! Each tape set is contained in a hard cover album to keep your tapes clean, neat and always convenient.

Embracing and Equipping Every Ethnicity in Character and Power through Excellence in Ministry

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